Dave Valentin – In Love’s Time (1982)

Grammy award winner Dave Valentin, who has recorded 25 albums, 15 albums for GRP, combines together the influence of pop, R&B, and Brazilian music with Latin jazz to create a slick and accessible form of crossover jazz. At age nine, Valentin enjoyed playing bongos and congas. He gigged at Latin clubs in New York from age 12 and it was not until he was 18 that he seriously started studying flute. Valentin’s teacher, Hubert Laws, suggested that he not double on saxophone because of his attractive sound on the flute. In 1977, he made his recording debut with Ricardo Marrero’s group and he was also on a Noel Pointer album. Discovered by Dave Grusin and Larry Rosen, Valentin was the first artist signed to GRP and he has been a popular attraction ever since. Since the mid-2000’s, Valentin has been signed to Highnote Records releasing World On A String in 2005 and Come Fly With Me in 2006.
Dave Valentin – In Love’s Time (1982)

1. Street Beat
2. In Love’s Time
3. I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love (I Just Wanna Dance)
4. I Got It Right This Time
5. Clove And Cinnamon
6. Dansette
7. The Flight
8. Leo And The Sun

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